It is good

This world is filled with mirrors. Everywhere you go there is one, even if you tried to run away from them. You no longer need to buy a mirror to know what you look like. This does not mean just the physical appearance; they are special mirrors that see you for who you are. There is someone at every turn in the journey of life to tell you who you are; almost everyone seems to have an opinion about everyone.

I keep wondering, who sets the yard stick for beauty? Who decides the ugly or beautiful people?
I have come to a conclusion that…
When one looks in the mirror, you see yourself as you think you are
When people look at you, they see you as they think you are
Haven’t you had an experience where you thought a particular car, dress, shoe or even person was beautiful only to find someone that hates it completely and thinks it is ugly?
That proves to me that the common African proverb that says ‘One man’s meat, another man’s poison’ applies to even our physical beauty.
People are more beautiful when you get to know them and love them

I am daily encouraged when I think of the fact that I am made in the image of God.
When God sees me, He sees a beautiful creation and He says it is good, I am good, she is good, he is good, you are good like He did at the time of creation


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