My Resting Dilemma

There is a time when I would look forward to a day of rest which always meant a lot of movies and sleep. The issue with that was I always went back to work very tired and unrested.

My night before the rest involved series till late then sleeping in till around midday which led to breakfast/lunch as I watch a little more of the series and then sleep. The issue was I was always up at around 11pm with no sleep whatsoever which led to more series and then an hour or two of napping before I drag myself out of bed for work.

Realizing that didn’t work for me and I was not sharp or happy most of the week. I decided to be honest with myself about what really relaxes me. Well,that list has been growing and I go to work after rest day rested.

I have learnt that a doze of people,an animation or movie that has little or no sadness, a novel and my newest find – jigsaw puzzles make a restful rest day.

I am now starting to enjoy this rest thing and even look forward to work. I am so much happier and of course a lot more positive which is improved my relationships with people which has a ripple effect on everything else.


One thought on “My Resting Dilemma

  1. Summer says:

    I totally identify with you.

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