My Resting Dilemma

There is a time when I would look forward to a day of rest which always meant a lot of movies and sleep. The issue with that was I always went back to work very tired and unrested.

My night before the rest involved series till late then sleeping in till around midday which led to breakfast/lunch as I watch a little more of the series and then sleep. The issue was I was always up at around 11pm with no sleep whatsoever which led to more series and then an hour or two of napping before I drag myself out of bed for work.

Realizing that didn’t work for me and I was not sharp or happy most of the week. I decided to be honest with myself about what really relaxes me. Well,that list has been growing and I go to work after rest day rested.

I have learnt that a doze of people,an animation or movie that has little or no sadness, a novel and my newest find – jigsaw puzzles make a restful rest day.

I am now starting to enjoy this rest thing and even look forward to work. I am so much happier and of course a lot more positive which is improved my relationships with people which has a ripple effect on everything else.



I love gadgets. The best part about gadgets is putting them apart and then forgetting how to put them back together. (Okay, maybe not…)

I like wires and short circuits and stuff like that. They excite me completely. (I am not crazy, in case you are wondering)

I like phones and phones and phones. I like to find out all I can about a phone, try to destroy it so that I can try to repair it. (I know this sounds like some 2 year old boy but bear with me).

Lets get to the reason for my writing this – laptops.
I love laptops but this is a love that I have not fed. You see, laptops are not cheap and you can’t just destroy one and get another. (That is also true of phones).

So, I have this laptop that I inherited. It has served me well and has seen its time in the workshop. Earlier this year, it broke and the creative me put it back together using black tape – Yeye. Have I told you that we have replaced the battery and many other things in this laptop? Anyway, the black tape looked so nice that I changed my mind about buying a new laptop. You see, its black in colour and the tape made it look new. I even put some handwritten notes at the front – really cool!! (Don’t judge) After a while, we had a problem in regards to something I have no idea about and I decided I needed a new operating system which I got. The Operating System made me feel like the laptop was new but that didn’t last long.

My problem with the laptop at the moment is one that puts a smile on my face and intrigues my very animated imagination. The laptop makes some very interesting noises as I switch it on. I was just wondering this morning if there were crickets inside the laptop! As I worked today, I started to think that it may transform like in “The Transformers” and I may not be able to deal with a very angry machine given the amount of black tape it has.

My laptop makes me think of life. Sometimes we change the battery, operating system and even put black tape on all that is going wrong in our lives and wonder why our lives do not become new. Sometimes we want to see ourselves transform and yet all we have done is cover the issues and look pretty. I am learning that it is sometimes important to uproot the problem – go to the beginning of the problem. I was doing that for the last few months as I went through Simama (Its a discipleship program at Mavuno Church). I was uprooting and checking my operating system, I was cleaning out viruses and discovering short fools of some of the things I have come to believe and accept as the norm. I am in the process of developing new habits to replace the destructive habits I had.

I love my old laptop, it has a sentimental attachment but it has to go. I can not work efficiently and with excellence if I hear crickets playing around in my laptop. It is in the same breathe that I have let go of some friends, movies, music and all that was destructing this amazing operating system that God Himself put together. It was a fun life but not useful or beneficial to this great purpose God has created me for.


I was sitting in a restaurant, had a book on the table, a menu plus my phone. FYI – I make it a habit not to use my phone for the internet because I like big screens which is not facilitated by the phone. Okay, that reason is the grown up reason, the real reason is that I fear to start something that maybe difficult to stop. I may spend my nights googling up any and everything if I make a habit of using the phone for that purpose. Does that mean I do not? NO. I know you may think I am a coward or indiscipline but at least I am honest with myself. Instead of finding out how strong I am, I run from the temptation. I have learnt that running and fleeing if the situation calls for it are the best ways to deal with this sugar-coated temptation of misuse of precious God given time or even resources. Even with my advocacy for the use of technology and saving the trees, I love with all my heart to get a handwritten letter or sms instead of chat message on facebook or skype or a tweet on twitter. I still want a simple text message and a letter going through the post office.

Well, back to my story. I was sitting in this restaurant during lunch and I was hit with a new revelation. I can have a date with someone without being in the same place with me. Wait before you start judging me. I have it all worked out in my mind. You see, I spent the whole lunch time eating and texting while I laughed out loud all alone. People must have wondered what had happened to me. I was supposed to meet someone who didn’t show and instead of the usual anger, I was filled with joy as I had a conversation with a friend the way I want it. I realized that if your love language is words of affirmation and you really do not understand the reason for quality time in terms of people being in the same room, this mode of dating would work for you. You choose a time and a place. The other person goes to a restaurant and you also go to a restaurant. You both text to say you have arrived safely, after that you ask for the menu. You then text the options and decide together what food would be good for this date. You order for the food, drinks and start your conversation. Before you wonder why you are not using the internet, well you can but the internet may look like work. I know, you are probably feeling sorry for the person that takes me out on dates. Well, this is me trying to engage my mind and make a relationship work regardless of the distance. With the whole thing of who pays for the bill and things like that, you have it sorted since you are not in the same restaurant (Okay, I had forgotten the MPESA option) but it may give some satisfaction and save some judgement.

Well, I am learning to make do with what is before me. Sometimes we are in a hurry to buy gadgets we can’t afford or don’t really need for all sorts of reasons minus the important ones. We want to have the latest Samsung phone (I want) or latest I PAD or whatever it is. If you can not afford it, everyday texting is not bad at all. It could even mean that you have money to put airtime instead of using free wireless for the date and that is what I call class :=)

What is my point? This is random me thinking about random ways to love and be loved without more pressure than there is already. You can make it work with all or no gadgets at all.

One day when I am long gone, this form of dating will be looked at in awe. If we keep going the way we are, people will desire to just be able to text each other over the meal in different continents.