A Habit Or What?

I am confused, is this a habit or what?

I started saying “mene” instead of “many” a few years ago as a joke. I was imitating someone who I can’t even remember. It sounded really funny then (still does) but I think it was even funnier because it was someone else saying it. I do not remember the pronunciation of the word many anymore. I can however recognize it on another person’s lips.

As I meditated about this dilemma of mine, I was reminded of habits I have. I realized then that no one wakes up & decides to take on some weird embarrassing habit. It always begins as a joke or a one off thing. I always think I am in control of what I am doing until I realize I am not.

We were chatting with a friend of mine about taking coffee vis-à-vis tea when I told her that I stopped taking tea because I felt I was getting addicted to it. She then pointed out that coffee is also addictive and that is when I boldly informed her that it was impossible for me to get addicted to coffee. “I am good” were my exact words. Thank God I came to my senses immediately & told her – “I am not addicted yet”. Well, it is not part of my annual goals to get addicted to coffee but it was never my goal to say “mene” instead of “many”

I have been wondering about the number of things I am doing now that seem harmless and yet will come back to embarrass me. How many things have I placed into my routine that are slowly becoming a thorn in my flesh without me realizing? How many funny things will become annoying things a few months down the road? I actually do not even remember paying attention to the way I said this word until recently (thanks to my fellow bullies)


Well, be careful what you do today, it may be your brand tomorrow. (My fellow bullies, look out. You maybe saying “mene” instead of “many” very soon)