I love gadgets. The best part about gadgets is putting them apart and then forgetting how to put them back together. (Okay, maybe not…)

I like wires and short circuits and stuff like that. They excite me completely. (I am not crazy, in case you are wondering)

I like phones and phones and phones. I like to find out all I can about a phone, try to destroy it so that I can try to repair it. (I know this sounds like some 2 year old boy but bear with me).

Lets get to the reason for my writing this – laptops.
I love laptops but this is a love that I have not fed. You see, laptops are not cheap and you can’t just destroy one and get another. (That is also true of phones).

So, I have this laptop that I inherited. It has served me well and has seen its time in the workshop. Earlier this year, it broke and the creative me put it back together using black tape – Yeye. Have I told you that we have replaced the battery and many other things in this laptop? Anyway, the black tape looked so nice that I changed my mind about buying a new laptop. You see, its black in colour and the tape made it look new. I even put some handwritten notes at the front – really cool!! (Don’t judge) After a while, we had a problem in regards to something I have no idea about and I decided I needed a new operating system which I got. The Operating System made me feel like the laptop was new but that didn’t last long.

My problem with the laptop at the moment is one that puts a smile on my face and intrigues my very animated imagination. The laptop makes some very interesting noises as I switch it on. I was just wondering this morning if there were crickets inside the laptop! As I worked today, I started to think that it may transform like in “The Transformers” and I may not be able to deal with a very angry machine given the amount of black tape it has.

My laptop makes me think of life. Sometimes we change the battery, operating system and even put black tape on all that is going wrong in our lives and wonder why our lives do not become new. Sometimes we want to see ourselves transform and yet all we have done is cover the issues and look pretty. I am learning that it is sometimes important to uproot the problem – go to the beginning of the problem. I was doing that for the last few months as I went through Simama (Its a discipleship program at Mavuno Church). I was uprooting and checking my operating system, I was cleaning out viruses and discovering short fools of some of the things I have come to believe and accept as the norm. I am in the process of developing new habits to replace the destructive habits I had.

I love my old laptop, it has a sentimental attachment but it has to go. I can not work efficiently and with excellence if I hear crickets playing around in my laptop. It is in the same breathe that I have let go of some friends, movies, music and all that was destructing this amazing operating system that God Himself put together. It was a fun life but not useful or beneficial to this great purpose God has created me for.